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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Whats up people this ya boy Lil Twist.... and its time to do my brother's Shout outs from Rikers Island.... Here we go...

Nattia Harris- "I'm glad you've overcame it all. Dont ever go thru that again plz for me! Congrads on the GED. Your son is adorable And you are a beautiful Black woman.

Julia L Early- Thank you for that. It helps in here.

Danielle Olukton- Im Glad u made it thru those dark times mama, & let me say u are fukkin beautiful!! U can be a model in my video anyday!

Kelsey Veert- I appreciate you for puttin your family on to my music & i hope they know that they have an angel for a daughter

Ok ladies and gentlemen i will be updating 3 or 4 new messages from Weezy daily!! Stay tuned.. follow me Lil Twist and on twitter - and ill keep u updated FREE WEEZY!

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